For over 10 years, Karin Perry has focused on high quality, believable, and reasonably priced hair additions. In addition to hair additions, Karin is a preeminent stylist, utilizing relaxers, locks, blow-outs, and almost any other styling need. Ms Perry’s amazing work has been featured in an “Essence Magazine” article on hair loss solutions.

Karin worked hard to turn a love of hair design into a career receiving her cosmetology license in 2001. As a result of her personalized touch from start to finish, her client base began to grow. Women from all ethnic backgrounds sang praises of how much they loved their look and “Love Your Look” was born.

Ms. Perry feels that, “Beauty starts from the inside out, so beautiful hair completes that beautiful you. This is the assignment God has given me. Each client desires to look their best and I have been commissioned to help realize their hair dreams!”

“Love Your Look” offers many services, but the number one focus is healthy hair and how to obtain and maintain it. In 2005 Karin received her trichology license from The Elan Center for Trichology, which allows her to take haircare to new levels and equipping her to go the battle with an issue that is plaging many women of all ages and ethnic groups – hair loss. Ms. Perry also promotes, a healthy lifestyle as being key to having healthy hair. Proper rest, healthy eating, and multivitamins are discussed routinely in sessions. Karin services the entire person.

Today, “Love Your Look” surges into the future, exploring cutting edge techniques and products, many of which, are paving the way for healthier hair and better results. Ms Perry, continues to seek tips and ideas on healthy living, how to take care your body so the hair will continue to reflect health. Taking care of the client as a whole person creates great stylist/client teamwork, priceless relationships, and limitless opportunities to help make a positive contribution. Karin continues to service diverse clients with an array of hair needs. Whether a client desires a fresh new look or suffers serious hair loss, Karin, can help you “Love Your Look!”